Just. Get. On. With. It.

I have been struggling for such a long time to capture the right words to explain the purpose of my blog. I have been a marketer for 20 years, after all, and how one defines their brand is very important to me. Maybe way too important sometimes. 

What I know is this. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher and only a few months away from becoming a Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor. But, I am afraid that most people have no idea what that actually means. Some people get the yogi part, but may not realize that we are also trained in anatomy, meditation, breathing techniques and yogic philosophy during the certification process. I am also pretty sure that most people have no idea what Ayurveda is or isn't, for that matter. 

So, today I decided to write my blog mantra in simple English. I skipped the Sanskrit and flowery phrases and decided to get to the point. It was such an interesting exercise because once I stopped trying so damn hard, the words just showed up. And when I looked at this new mantra, the words finally made sense to me.

This is where I started...

My new mantra is simple.

And... this is where I ended up.

I know this is not exactly rocket science (a phrase I have always overused). But, I feel like I can finally stop worrying about the words now and 'just get on with it'. And to be honest, those are words I can also get behind. 

Just. Get. On. With. It. 

Happy weekend!